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Deconstructing a Disciple's Doubt is one half philosophy of religion textbook; one half autobiography, and one half pop culture fish wrap for easy digestion. Perhaps the only comfort you can take from the previous statement is that this book for sure is not an advanced arithmetic (or even basic arithmetic) textbook. If that is what you are looking for go ask your local librarian to find it using the Dewey decimal system or type in “Books by guys who know something can’t have 3 halves” into the Amazon search bar; this book is not for you. In fact, this book is NOT a lot of things. It is not a book for philosophers to continue in their circular self-congratulating co-misery of championing how much smarter they are than everyone else. Nor is it a book for those who treat reasonable questions of faith, existence, and the meaning of life like witchcraft. It is not for those who counter those who struggle with their beliefs with the platitude of “you just gotta believe brother!” This book is not for the settled and the steady, the safe and the secure. It’s not for the atheist who thinks people of faith are militant backwoods uneducated idiots who are fooled by fairytales nor is it for people of faith who just cannot fathom why and how someone might not believe in God. This book is for doubting Thomases and denying Peters; it’s for atheists whose fondest memories are of their devout grandmothers reading them the old stories of the faith. This book is for the believer who does not understand for the life of them why certain things appear to be the way they are. This book is for the atheists who understand why their friend has faith and it is for the friend who understands how someone could be an atheist. This book is for the wonderers and wanderers. Those who not only doubt but are brave enough or plagued enough to doubt everything. This book is absolutely for those who doubt their doubt. This book is for those who ask the questions: why does existence exist at all? Is there a point and a purpose to the universe being the way it is? What is the true nature of truth? Why is there so much evil? Is there such a thing as evil if there is not purpose? Is there a difference truly between the world’s religions that connects to ultimate reality?

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