Jason Lee McKinney is a two time nationally signed recording artist, powerhouse vocalist, and songwriter. McKinney blends a snarling musical underbelly full of equal parts trained prowess and an almost out of control piss and vinegar attitude; soaring sing along hook melodies, with lyrics that are raw and raucous, reflective and radiant; simultaneously weaving a narrative that is both uniquely his and everyman’s story.

He is an intellectual troubadour who writes and sings from the depths of an earthy soul; all with a business resume that would match most C level executives. McKinney holds a Doctorate, an MBA, and BA in Management. McKinney’s dissertation is a comparative study of downscoped specialization versus centralized diversification as organizational strategies in the transforming recording business.

“While we all have some part of us that are gypsy, vagabond spirits, Jason Lee McKinney is the troubadour we all find that barstool to sit on for that sense of belonging. “All my friends are Troubadours, Vagabonds, and Thieves just like me” With foot stomping songs like ‘Two Steps’ and ‘Rattle The Cage’ and the bluesy ‘Don’t Deny the Proof’ to the twangy ‘Strangest Places’ and ‘Long Long Gone’ the album has 13 stand out tracks.” Rating: Four Pabst Blue Ribbons 

— Popa’s Tunes Blogspot (Apr 23, 2013)